Shipping Information and Requirements
As of April,19 2011, our shipping charge had to be
increases to a minimum of 300.00. It may be higher due
to the actual airfair being charge by the airline.
It could be slightly more depending on our actual cost.  Continental is still not
shipping animals out of Albuquerque, so we have to use other airlines and they
vary.  Most flights are a minimum of 250.00.  We then have to add tax and
insurance on top of that.  Flight approved crates are 40.00 and the flight health
certificate runs around $50.00.  

Shipping  Includes the Following.  Flight Cost, Insurance,  Veterinarian Exam,
Health Certification for Flight, Airline Approved Crate for Flight and
Transportation to the Airport.

If you have frequent flyer miles, etc, you can always fly into Albuquerque and
fly the puppy back with you in the Cabin.  Meeting you at the airport may be a
possibility, if a schedule can be arranged.

We prefer to ship on
Continental Airlines, due to the temperature controlled
environment the puppies fly in.  If there are delays or layovers the puppy is
removed to an appropriately heated/cooled building till the flight resumes. The
puppy's flight is not dependant on the  hourly temperature of the day, ensuring
that the flight will not be cancelled at the last minute. (Boxers, and other snub
nosed dogs have more temperature restrictions than other dogs).  We feel it is
safer and more comfortable although sometimes longer for the puppy.   If
conditions are perfect, and a much shorter or non-stop flight can be arranged
on another airlines, we will consider it. We will work with you as much as
possible to arrange the best flight for the puppy.  We try to ship on Saturdays
as it is usually more accommodating for most, but sometimes it is during the
week.  The puppy will always ship out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Almost all
Continental flights  will usually have a stop at Houston, Texas, then to the final
destination, which will be the airport that Continental flies into nearest you.