We ask that you complete our "Puppy Application" if you are
considering purchasing a puppy from "Harmony Hill Boxers"
and have read the contents of this page.
Harmony Hill Boxers reserves the right to refuse to sell or cancel a sale of any puppy.

All puppies are registrable through the American Kennel Club.   They will have either Limited or Full registration.  All have their tails
docked and dew claws removed.  They are raised indoors thru 4-5 weeks and get to expand to the yard as the weather permits.  
They are played with and handled (a lot) daily and are used to being with young children and toddlers.  They all receive vet exams
and are kept up to date on all vaccines and are routinely wormed for parasites,etc.  Pups are either picked up in person or shipped
via airlines.  If shipping is necessary we prefer
shipping with Continental Airlines.  Your puppy will comes with a puppy starter pack.  
If full payment is made in time it will be mailed to you priority mail to hopefully arrive before the puppy or it is picked up with the
puppy. Veterinary Exam, health certificated for flight, and flight reservations are arranged after full payment is made.


There are several variables that determine puppy pricing  (Sire, Dam, conformation, color, markings, etc.). The actual price of each
dog is listed on the  
Puppy Page along with the puppy listing. The average price range of the puppies are listed below.  Prices
listed   for each individual puppy on the puppy page is  the price the puppy will sell for and will not be reduced.

Pet puppies come on limited registration for approximately $800.00-$1200.00

Show and breeding puppies come with full registration for approximately $1200.00-$1800.00 but to
approved homes only.

Deposits to hold your puppy is $300.00 and is a  non-refundable deposit.

Shipping is $325.00 and includes the vet health check, travel health certificate, crate, flight (including tax and insurance) travel cost to
Albuquerque airport,  Our total cost is usually over 325.00  Copies of receipts can be provided upon request. We are sorry for the
increase but actual cost is usually over this amount.  

If you fly in and pick up your puppy and fly him in the cabin with you this is usually about half the price. Vet check/flight certificate, flight
cabin approved crate) if you have free miles this could be a big savings for flight and the puppy flies with you in the cabin.  Please let
us know if this is your choice as we only handle the vet check/flight certificate and you set up the flight and purchase the flight

We do not usually have older puppies or adult dogs for sale. The only adult boxers we have are our pets.  They will be with us their
entire life.  When they "retire" from breeding they do not "retire" from our families.

All puppies will come with a registration application.  The papers will be for Limited or Full registration depending on the puppy.
Registration can be done through the mail or online at
AKC Dog Registration.   All new puppy owners will be allowed to name their
puppy according to the AKC rules.  Information on naming your new puppy can be found on the American Kennel Club web site.
Naming your new pet