Puppy Application




Please fill out this application entirely to be
considered for a puppy from Harmony Hill
Boxers. For questions that have multiple
options,  select all that apply.
* e-mail address & phone # required for a response
1. I have read over the "Puppy Information Page" (If not please do so before
completing this application).

2. Please let us know how you found our web site or who referred you

3. Please briefly describe why you would like a boxer puppy?

4. If you already know what puppy you would like, please specify which one here:

5. If you are inquiring on an unborn puppy and you would like to be put on our
waiting list, please specify what your preferences are here:

Note: Press "control" key to select multiple selections.

6. Please specify if this puppy will be a pet, show prospect, and/or breeding?

7. Do you want limited or full registration.  Information on the difference can be

8. Boxers are indoor dogs, and when raised this way are wonderful, faithful family
pets. Will this puppy be raised indoors or outside?

9. Does the puppy have a place to stay protected from harsh weather conditions?

10. Is there enough room for a boxer to run and play?

11. If not, will you have the time to take the dog for regular walks or provide
exercise needed for a high energy dog?

12. If renting your home, have you checked to see if you are allowed to have a
medium to large dog?

13. Do you have a fenced yard?

14. We believe boxers are great dogs and are generally a very good family pet.  All
dogs need to be socialized and properly trained. Do you understand that training
and socializing can be tedious and require quite a bit of time, not to mention cost
if you take classes or hire a trainer?

15. Please list s all other dogs/pets you currently own and how many of each:

16. Are you aware that boxers are high energy dogs and require time and exercise?

17. Do you realize that Boxers can live up to around 15 years of age and will be a
commitment by you for this long

18. If the puppy needs to be shipped, the shipping costs are an additional $325.00.
Please check here to acknowledge this extra cost:

If shipping is necessary please list 2 of your nearest airport

Place additional comments or questions you have here:

Please let us know how soon you are wanting a puppy and/or how long you are
willing to wait: