There are many coat colors for a boxer. Standard AKC has rules on how they
must look for showing, but the standard pet can be any color. A boxer, is a
boxer, is a boxer !

" Colors Of the Boxers "

FAWN - This color varies from light tan to mahogany. The darker red color preferred.

BRINDLE - This is a fawn dog with black stripes.

REVERSE BRINDLE - This is a black dog with fawn stripes, reverse of the regular brindle.

WHITE - This is NOT an albino. A white Boxer is all white or they may even have patches of fawn or brindle of
one or more places.

CHECK - This is a term for a brindle or fawn dog with approximently 1/3 - 2/3 white.

BLACK - This is a term for sealed brindle. This is when the brindle stripes are so tight that there is no
appearance of a stripe.

" Markings on the Boxer "

FLASHY-This term refers to a fawn or brindle Boxer with white markings covering up to 1/3 of the body.

PLAIN-This term refers to a fawn or brindle Boxer with little or no white.

SEMI FLASHY- This is not a technical term, but rather a term in which some breeders/exhibitors in the US refer
to a dog who may only exhibit white markings on the face, chest and legs, or exhibits a partial collar with white
tipped feet and plain face.

MIS-MARK (overly flashy)-This is a term used to describe markings on a dog that is "out of place".